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Echline Community Woodland

Welcome To Our Woodland Quiz

Our quiz is quite simple: name the beautiful Echline Community Woodland summer wildflowers shown below.

We have shown flowers in four areas: the wildflower meadow to the south of the woodland; the rockery to the north of the woodland; the bee and butterfly garden beside the path; and the woodland itself.

You can check your answers by clicking on the answers buttons. We have also provided the scientific names as wildflowers often have more than one name. For example, you may know Herb Bennet as Wood Avens


Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

The Wildflower Meadow


white clover

trifolium repens


meadow buttercup

ranunculus acris


oxeye daisy

leucanthemum vulgare


meadow cranesbill

geranium pratense



centaurea nigra


meadow pea

lathyrus pratensis



achillea millefolium


meadow thistle

cirsium dissectum


hedge woundwort

stachys sylvatica



heracleum sphondylium

The Rockery


kidney vetch

anthyllis vulneraria


welsh poppy

mecanopsis cambrica


wild thyme

thymus drucei


maiden pink

dianthus deltoides


herb robert

geranium robertianum


white clover

trifolium repens


fox and cubs

hieracium aurantiacum



armeria martima


rock rose

helianthemum nummularium


ground elder

aegopodium podagraria


common pink

dianthus plumarius


lady's bedstraw

galium verum

The Woodland


red campion

silene dioica


pale willow herb

epilobium roseum


white honesty

lunaria annua


herb robert

geranium robertianum


herb bennet

geum herbanum



lunaria annua



lapsana communis



hesperis matronalis

The Bee And Butterfly Garden


orange ball tree

buddlia globosa


perennial cornflower

centaurea montana


common valerian

valeriana officinalis


ground elder

aegopodium podagraria


dog rose

rosa canina


hedge bindweed

calystegia sepium


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