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Echline Community Woodland

Echline Community Woodland is a 0.3 hectares site situated in South Queensferry on the western side of the Forth Road Bridge approach road (A90).  To see where it is on the map  click here.


The site is bounded by the Forth Road Bridge, the B924, Echline housing estate and a patch of grassland to the south.



Echline Woodland and the Forth Bridges
Echline Woodland and the Forth Bridges



The woodland was planted in 1992 by more than 200 volunteers.  The project was organized by committee comprised of representatives from: Scottish Wildlife Trust; Queensferry and Kirkliston Wildlife Group; South Queensferry Association; and South Queensferry Community Council (who are now the owners of the woodland).  Miller Homes donated the ground as part of a larger area which was left undeveloped during the building of the Echline housing estate.



Planting the trees
Planting The Trees



The site for the woodland was a former agricultural field consisting of deep brown-earth soil covered in rough grazing perennial sward.  The site also had the remnants of a stone dyke which has since been restored by QEF. 


The woodland was planted and maintained under the "Echline Community Woodland Management Proposal" developed by Dan Hunt.  The plan split the site into four areas:

  • Area A: Grassland strip
  • Area B: Shrub species
  • Area C: Smaller tree species
  • Area D: Taller tree species

Echline Comminity Woodland map

Map Of The Woodland

The species chosen are all native to South East Scotland except Scots Pine which was included for its winter landscape amenity value.  The selection has a natural mixture of species balanced with species with high wildlife potential and good amenity value.  The planting details of each area are:


Area A: Grassland Strip

This area was left unplanted initially.  Subsequently, wildflowers have been add and a butterfly garden added.


Area B: Shrub Species

This area uses low shrub species for safety and includes berry-bearing species for bird food.



Crataegus monogynaHawthorn
90Viburnum opulusGuelder Rose
120Prunus spinosaBlackthorn
60Sambucus nigraElder
60Cytisus scopariusBroom

Area C: Smaller Tree Species

The smaller trees here are intended to form a lower final canopy at the edge and north of the woodland.



Betula pubescensDowny Birch
60Sorbus aucupariaRowan
30Prunus aviumCherry
60Populus tremulaAspen
15Ilex aquifoliumHolly

Area D: Larger Tree Species

This forms the core of the woodland, blending into the semi-mature trees on the Forth Road Bridge boundary



Fraxinus excelsiorAsh
45Betula pendulaSilver Birch
10Sorbus aucupariaRowan
50Pinus sylvestrisScots Pine
70Quercus roburCommon oak

The plants were supplied by the Trees Company, Balloch, at a cost of £422.  Tree guards were not considered necessary as the woodland has no direct links to any wildlife corridors and there was no evidence in the vicinity of grazing damage due to rabbits, dear or hares.


Spring time and bluebells

Spring and Bluebells


Planting was carried out by local school and community groups under the guidance of the Scottish Wildlife Trust. A simple pit planting technique was used which proved to be very successful.


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